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The "Weekly Word Of IMPACT", is a weekly word of encouragement written by Pastor Dale Campfield.

“How Many Shoes Are Enough?”

February 20, 2019

How many pairs of shoes do you own? 1, 2, 5, 30, 47, 100, more? I've met some who have more shoes than there are in the 365 days of the year! They could wear a different pair of shoes every day of the year if they chose to. Shoes come in different sizes, colors, designs and fabrics. Shoes are made for every type of person no matter their age, size, nationality, religious expression, personality, health condition, etc. etc. etc. There are plenty of shoes out there to choose from in the stores and unlimited amounts on the Internet!

Let me ask you, how many pairs of shoes do you wear at one time? One. One pair. That's it; only one. We may have 100's at our disposal, but we can only wear one at a time. And for most people in the world today, they only have one pair to choose from. Million's of souls around the world only have one sole at the bottom of their feet. And many have none.

Most of you reading this today more than likely have more shoes in your life than you really need. I know I do. It might be that we need to "trim down" our lives a bit by giving away and blessing others in our lives that may not be as blessed with the excess that we have. And instead of buying yet another pair of shoes, taking those funds to bless someone who may have a need.

Praise God we're blessed, and that's awesome! But may we never forget that someone out there would LOVE to be in your shoes right now; to have your life, your blessings, your pleasures, your way of living. But since they can't, you might as well give them your shoes to at least wear as they walk out the journey of their life. Find someone who has a need, and bless them!

And as you do...

You watch... You wait... You'll see!

Pastor Dale Campfield

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