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The "Weekly Word Of IMPACT", is a weekly word of encouragement written by Pastor Dale Campfield.

“Please, No Parking!”

June 19, 2019

Periodically one will find signs alongside the roadway stating NO PARKING.  In front of stores and commercial buildings are notices to all drivers to NOT PARK in certain areas.  And though it is quite obvious that the owner of that particular establishment or law enforcement most certainly is stating they do not want you to park there; there are still some who will park in that very spot!  It may only be for a minute or two, but they are still in the spot!  They may leave the motor running or their Emergency Lights flashing, trying to let others know that they will be right back.  But they are still parking in a NO PARKING ZONE!  

By the time a tow truck might come along to enforce the NO PARKING rule, they are long gone!  The driver may have thought they got away with it.  But did they?

When we see a SIGN given to us by God, do we simply just observe it, then do whatever we want?  Do we dismiss the SIGNS given to us only to do things are own way?  Sometimes yes, we do.  But we do it to our own peril.  We may think it's no big deal, but it is.  God has a purpose in every message He sends to us, and we must take heed to those signs, walking in obedience to ALL of them.

 If you don't, you'll pay the price eventually.  And if you do... 

You watch... You wait... You'll see!

Pastor Dale Campfield

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