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The "Weekly Word Of IMPACT", is a weekly word of encouragement written by Pastor Dale Campfield.

Really? We’re Still Here?

January 9, 2019

My grandparents, all four of them, were dedicated, faith filled, servant, saints of God who loved people, loved God, and loved His Word. They were a shining example of who Christ truly is every day of my life in growing up. They exhibited to the nature of Christ not only in their words, but in their actions and their deeds. They understood the value of nurturing those around them who needed someone to love on them, mentor them, and serve them in whatever capacity they possibly could. I will forever be thankful to the Lord for giving me such wonderful grandparents and to have their legacy of Christ's character passed on to me by their example and teachings!

My Bride and I are about to become grandparents ourselves, to which we are absolutely thrilled! We can't wait! Most of our friends and those our age have become grandparents; and some for quite some time... now. It's our turn! We are ready to make new memories with our family and the new addition to our family that is coming!

But am I ready to be the same example to my grandchild that my grandparents were to me? I hope so. I truly do. With all of my heart, I want to set the same example to my family that has been planted into my life from those who love me, care about me, desire to mentor me and serve me. It would be the joy of my life to know that my grandchildren would someday be able to write about me, what I've written about my grandparents!

How about you? Are you living out the example of Jesus Christ to your family? Will they be able to write about you later in life of the wonderful blessings you bestowed upon them as a result of your relationship with Jesus Christ?

I pray that they will. And as they do...

You watch... You wait... You'll see!

Pastor Dale Campfield

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