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The "Weekly Word Of IMPACT", is a weekly word of encouragement written by Pastor Dale Campfield.

“The Bottom Line”

April 17, 2019

"The Bottom Line," the essence of this phrase is, when it all boils down, what's left? We desire to know the bottom line with our expenditures, our philosophies, our relationships, and even our doctrinal beliefs. We all want to know what's at stake when we make decisions and the actions that will follow those decisions.

Allow me to share with you what I believe the true bottom line of every aspect of life is as you endeavor to make an IMPACT in the world in which you live. The bottom line is... how many souls in life will you impact in such a fashion that they will experience Jesus Christ as their personal savior?

As we've experienced in the recent tragedies around the world with iconic structures coming to ruin, everything as we know it is eventually going to be destroyed. None of it will last forever. The only thing that will last throughout eternity is the souls of all mankind! Therefore, how many of these souls will you truly impact for the Kingdom of God throughout eternity?

Every decision we make, ALL of them, must be made with the thought in mind, "How will the results of this decision affect the lives of the people around me?" Work through the answers to that question, and then decide if it's worth it or not.

I am convinced that everything in life has some type of spiritual significance. When it all boils down, it's all about souls!

You watch... You wait... You'll see!

Pastor Dale Campfield

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