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Books written by Pastor Dale Campfield

Two Amazing Books!

Written by the senior pastor of Eastgate Community Church, Pastor Dale Campfield. Our hope is that these books provide you with comfort, wisdom and understanding to help you increase the impact you can make on this world! Look below for information about these incredible books. ENJOY!

Hey God, Is It Too Much To Ask?

God says in His Word that we can ask Him for anything in His name; and if we ask and believe, He will answer that prayer.  If that is true, then when we find ourselves in the trials and heartache of life, is it too much to ask Him to be there for us?  Is it too much to ask Him to relieve us from the pain of sickness and the grief of a dying family member?  Is it too much to ask Him for a miracle that we have been waiting on for years? The answer is no – it’s not too much to ask!  With that being the case, then this is a book you will want to read.  Hey God, Is It Too Much to Ask? is about hope in the midst of a world of pain and the uncertainties of life that people find themselves in. Don’t give up. Keep asking. And as you do, you watch… you wait… you’ll see!

Check out the video for "Hey God Is It Too Much To Ask"

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Hey Church, Stop Being Manipulated!

Author Dale Campfield writes, “Though this topic of manipulation might be a tough message, I am compelled to share it.  I believe many of us, including myself, have misused our spiritual authority over people for too long and it must stop.  It's time for spiritual leaders to stop manipulating the Church, and it's time for the Church to stop being manipulated.  As long as the Church will allow itself to be manipulated by spiritual authority, she will never arise to the fullness of her call to accomplish her Kingdom Assignments.  Hey, Church, stop being manipulated!”


Check out the video for "Hey Church, Stop Being Manipulated"