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Making an Impact all over the World.


Making an Impact all over the World!

The vision of ECC is to Make an IMPACT in our community, state, nation, and around the world.  We do this by Loving, Growing and Serving.  We have a heart for mission’s, both local and abroad; to serve them to the best of our ability; coming alongside to assist them in carrying out the vision of their Kingdom Assignments.  


Monthly Missions Focus

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Each month, we will be focusing on a different organization or ministry.

Our friends and the places where they serve.

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Andrei Blinkov in... Moscow Russia

Based out of Moscow, Pastor Dale serves on the board of directors for the Orphanage ministry to homeless children of Russia.  Andrew is the director of the ministry.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Andrei Blinkov

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Bethany Strunk at... Safe Harbor Of Hope

Based out of Cincinnati, a caring community outreach for women who are seeking a way out of unhealthy lifestyles. 

CLICK HERE to learn more about Safe Harbor Of Hope

Bryan Gaitano in... The Philippines

Based out of Davao, Bryan and Dulce Gaitano plant Churches from their ministry One Way Outreach Ministries and minister on all of the main islands of the Philippines.

CLICK HERE to learn more about One Way Outreach Ministries

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Dr. Badu Bediako in... Ghana, Africa

Based out of Accra, Dr. Badu has planted Churches in Ghana, Liberia and other parts of South Africa.  He has an extensive training program for all of the Churches and pastors he has planted.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Dr. Badu

Gail Stathis in... Athens, Greece

Based out of Athens, Gail ministers to the people of the Middle East, planting Churches as well as runs a local school for the children of refugee families.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Gail Stathis

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Friends in Israel

Friends in Israel. Contact the office for more sensitive details and information on this group of friends.

George Martin at... Teen Challenge Cincinnati

Based out of Cincinnati, a Men’s Ranch and Women’s Maternity Home are Honor Accredited residential facilities within the Teen Challenge USA network.  A 6 to 9 month program, Teen Challenge Cincinnati is a faith based, highly disciplined educational program focusing on men and women (pregnant and not pregnant) 18 to 40 years of age.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Teen Challenge Cincinnati

Jamal Hashweh in... Amman, Jordon

Based out of Amman, out friends provide help to the local people as well as refugees from Iraq, Iran and Syria

Our family from around the world!